AWS Canada region now open!

Today, Amazon Web Services announced their latest region availability, this time in Canada.

This is fantastic news for Canadian companies that have wanted to deploy their servers to AWS, but may have not been able to due to Canadian data privacy laws that require end-user data to be hosted within Canadian borders. With this latest announcement, your company can now take advantage of Amazon’s cloud platform.

Notes on the new ca-central-1 region (current as of December 2016):

  • 2 availability zones
  • EC2 instance sizes available:  C4, D2, M4, T2, and X1 instances.
  • Cloudfront edge locations: Montreal and Toronto

See here for the full list of available AWS services in ca-central-1.

Jeff Barr has also posted some impressive latency metrics for the new region:

  • 9 ms to Toronto
  • 60 ms to Vancouver
  • 9 ms to New York
  • 16 ms to us-east-1
  • 75 ms to us-west-1

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