AWS Consulting for Insurance and Financial Companies

Case Study: Helping Milliman Max process big data for predictive analytics


The Challenge





The insurance underwriting industry is rapidly changing, and Milliman Max is leading that change. Milliman Max solves bleeding edge statistical problems in the insurance sector, helping reduce the underwriting and policy costs for insurance providers.

For several years, Casey Labs has helped build out the Milliman Max Analytic Exchange platform, building a robust, high scaling architecture that can process massive amounts of big data sets.


How AWS can help insurance and financial industry players achieve success

Amazon Web Services enables you to quickly build-out a large server architecture, without any of the delays involved in deploying servers to a traditional data center. AWS helps you company grow rapidly by enabling your developers to start building products today.

In addition to rapid server deployment, AWS provides heavy security assurance through the use of disk-level encryption, multi-factor authentication for users, and log tracking for financial compliance.



Working with Casey Labs, Milliman Max has created a highly-available, secure, and growing server architecture that enables them to become a lead player in a new technology field.


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